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New Poster Revealed for Siberian Production of "Beast On The Moon"

Richard Kalinoski's Beast on the Moon is slated for performances for June 8th and 9th in Ulan-Ude, near eastern Siberia, where it is translated into the native Russian language. They've recently released this poster of the production, with powerful imagery. Below is a description as to why they've chosen to use the pomegranate as a symbol for meaning within Richard's play:

"In Russia, the pomegranate is a cliché of the Caucasian peoples, it's almost the symbol of Armenia, and the movie "Color of Pomegranate" by famous Armenian filmmaker Sergei Parajanov is to prove it. Also, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility, family, and tradition breaking grenade, throwing fruit in a wall during the Armenian wedding again suggests that this fruit means a lot. In addition, some sources we found state the fact that scattered pomegranate seeds symbolize the scattered Armenian people forced to flee their homeland during the genocide. In addition, the seed of pomegranate is a small part of something big, in this case the family, as a part of the people affected by the genocide. And that is why we felt that pomegranate seed is a perfect metaphor, containing so many meanings: Armenia itself, because it is one of the most powerful symbols in Armenian art; the family; and part of a whole, expelled from its native (from other seeds). We really think that it is juicy, bright and clear image."

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