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"Kalinoski investigates such matters with a lyrical resourcefulness that drenches his play with the light of truth." 

-William Mootz, Louisville Courier

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Richard Kalinoski is an  acclaimed playwright whose influence derives from an eclectic pool of resources and experiences. His most well-known play is Beast on the Moon.  Kalinoski has created riveting and accessible  drama  for all kinds of audiences.


About Richard

Replete with subtle dialogue and irony, Kalinoski’s work relentlessly examines the fragility of human life and relationships.
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Zarina McDermott as Seta and George Jovanovic as Aram in Beast on the Moon at the prestigious Finborough Theatre (in association with All Ignite Theatre) London, UK. January/February 2019 

Writer of the award-winning plays...

A Crooked Man

"We’re a temporary gathering, and we’re being reminded... that our love is so much more powerful than we can ever hope to understand." - Kerry Freek, Mondo Magazine

My Soldiers
Beast On The Moon

“'Beast on the Moon' builds with such tension and heartbreak, celebrates the gift of life with such wisdom and power, that an audience simply has no recourse but to shout its joy and gratitude." - William Mootz, Louisville Courier Journal

"The plain truth shapes Richard Kalinoski's brilliant new play, My Soldiers..." - Lawrence Johnson, Detroit News

Between Men & Cattle

"It pleads for sensitivity at the same time that it acknowledges a racial divide that has proved difficult to bridge. Kalinoski is a gifted writer whose work is rich with visual images.” - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Boy Inside

"Explosive emotions skim beneath the surface... The speech wows." - Warren Gerds, Critic At Large, Green Bay

The Boy Inside Receives Praise from

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