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A Bear in Winter

by Richard Kalinoski


"In A BEAR IN WINTER, playwright Richard Kalinoski uses playfully convincing mother-son banter to illuminate the depths of humiliation and loss. What's amusing is also devastating; what's sweet -- and tender -- also hurts. Every sorrow is revealed expertly and discreetly as Pete and Katherine continue threading together their shared but separate lives. Middle-aged Pete is still at the point of return (if he is willing to double back), but his mother, slowly slipping into dementia, is beyond that turn-around. A mere generation is all that  divides their stories and echo effects. A powerful story about mothers, sons, and the legacies of hope and grief." - Laura Jean Baker, author of THE MOTHERHOOD AFFIDAVITS


The play explores the effort of a sometime successful coach to regain his identity and re-discover meaning, after he is summarily fired from his college head football coach position years after one of his players died on the field during a game. Complicating Pete Parenti's life is his mother's descent into dementia. Pete visits his mother in an assisted living facility, where he tries to retain some connection to his mother, who is leaving him day-by-day, as her grasp of reality diminishes.



Production History:


--July 10th, 2018, live reading featuring actor Ryan Schabach

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