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The Thousand Pound Marriage

by Richard Kalinoski



Paul, middle-aged college basketball coach

Louise, middle-aged university English professor

Karla, their daughter, a tired lawyer in her late 20s

Jamie, their clever, but unmotivated son, in his mid twenties.





Paul and Louise are celebrating their 30th marriage anniversary this year by renewing their vows. They’ve invited their kids and all their coworkers and friends. But the marriage, under the strain of a 6’7” All-American, a noisy backhoe, and a garish pair of golf pants, may be in jeopardy. Can their love for each other overcome the bitter disappointments of the past and meet the challenges of the here and now?


In The Thousand Pound Marriage, Kalinoski mines his experience in the Midwest to depict the long struggle for forgiveness amongst the banalities of married life. Marriage is a subject he has achieved success with before in his Moliere-winning Beast on the Moon. In The Thousand Pound Marriage, Kalinoski offers a fresh perspective on the universal struggle to love well those closest to us. Insightful, sharp and thought-provoking, The Thousand Pound Marriage reminds us that peace and atonement in the world begin behind our own front door.



Production History



  • Readings (3 public) at Utah Shakespearean Festival, New American Playwrights Project



  • Produced at UW Oshkosh

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