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Sandra is a middle-aged theatre professor and director. Sandra has developed a reputation as a remarkably skilled and insightful theatre practitioner. When a veteran of the Iraq war auditions for her upcoming production of The Glass Menagerie, Sandra's banal and predictable personal life is given a nudge toward new meaning and vitality.
Sandra's elderly, widowed mother, Abby, is a desperate hoarder, as well as a force of nature. When a new and complicated romantic relationship begins for Sandra, Abby's obsessions throw mother and daughter into a passionate battle for control, self- determination and a glimmer of happiness.

3 women and 1 man



Production History:


  • Provost’s Fellowship at Eastern University, PA, 10 day workshop with two readings in July, 2011

  • Public reading at Eastern University on September 23, 2011

  • Read publicly at In Tandem Theatre, Milwaukee 2012

  • Read publicly at Next Act Theatre, Milwaukee, 2013

Front Room

by Richard Kalinoski
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