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My Soldiers

by Richard Kalinoski



Angi Busko, 20, later, 25, a medic in the Army National Guard

To be played by one actor:

  • Hank, her father, a Taxidermist

  • Recruiting Officer

Rachel, Angi's mother, a bit plump and 55

The Lieutenant, an officer in the National Guard

To be played by one actor:

  • Trish, Angi’s friend

  • Waitress

To be played by one actor:

  • James, a young reporter

  • Fallen man, an Iraqi citizen

  • Jimmy, a soldier

To be played by one actor:

  • Male companion

  • Chuck, a soldier

To be played by one actor:

  • Dr. Perlman, a therapist

  • Dr. Provinzano, a therapist




Specialist Busko, plucked from a peaceful existence with the National Guard, suddenly finds herself serving overseas in a chaotic and dangerous environment. She survives with all her limbs and ostensibly all her faculties. However, when Angi is thrust back into small-town, civilian life, she discovers a new font of anger, comic bitterness, and desperate confusion. With the help of an extraordinary VA therapist, Angi begins to find ways of coping and living.

A work of moral, political, and emotional significance, My Soldiers tells an untold story about soldier-citizens, showing the potential for recognition, acceptance, and healing. Despite the tragedy that has happened to her, Angi’s human heroism is reclaimed, in quiet but profound ways.




Production history


The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh hosted a full reading workshop production with guest director Mark Hallen and professional actors on March 16, 2009. My Soldiers will premiere at Eastern University (PA.) in November, 2009. The Detroit Repertory Theatre plans a production in June, 2010.


  • Eastern University, 2009

  • The Detroit Repertory Theatre, UW Oshkosh, 2010

  • University of Wisconsin Fondulac, 2011

  • Wagner College, 2014

  • Read publicly at Vantage Theatre in San Diego (2013)  and at William and Mary College in Virginia (2011)



From Informal Reviews


Regarding 2009 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh reading:

"I really enjoyed the play very much [...] Angi is a fabulous and demanding role for a female actor, and many women I'm sure will love to play it.  I haven't seen all of your work, but from what I have seen, she is your most thorough and complex female creation.” Ron Rindo, Chairman, English Department at UWO and author

“I never got the chance to congratulate you on a terrific play and a wonderful reading. I find myself still thinking through Angi's trauma, both narratively and dramatically. It's a searing thing to watch [...] “searing” in the sense of the difficulty in watching a person in such psychological despair -- which is to compliment your effectiveness in conveying that particular kind of hell.” Franca Barricelli, Associate Dean of Letters and Science, UWO

“Loved your new play, Sarah said she thought it has the potential to be the best Richard play yet.” Jason Moon, veteran of Iraq War

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