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The Plays

Beast on the Moon - A mail-order, immigrant couple in 1920s Milwaukee struggle with the indelible burden of the past and the disappointment of infertility to radically reinterpret their family album.


Between Men and Cattle - A white reporter and precocious black child meet in separate interviews, decades and races apart.


A Crooked Man - An aspiring journalist interviews his elderly grandfather about the shocking exploit that made him famous, discovering a whole lot more than he bargained for.


My Soldiers - Angi returns to small-town Minnesota from her deployment in Iraq, only to face a new front of trauma and community expectations.


The Thousand Pound Marriage - Paul and Louise confront the elephant on their deck on the eve of their vow renewal ceremony.


Front Room - A theatre practitioner falls in love with an Iraq War veteran, leaving her mother emotionally torn for her daughter's happiness.


My Genius of Humanity - A play about Nina Davidian, a woman who leads her Armenian-American family to Soviet-dominated Armenia in 1948-1949, in an effort to become pioneers in the Armenian homeland. Inspired by the real history of Armenian-Americans, seduced by yearning for the homeland of their ancient ancestors soon after World War II.


The Boy Inside - A play set in a fictitious Midwestern college.  A female college president is offered a massive contribution to a modest endowment by a well-intentioned elderly widow if the college will end its support of its ambitious, small college football team, a team vying for a national championship under the leadership of Tony Bartolo, a coach devoted to finding the better angels in his players.

A Bear in WinterA Bear in Winter explores the life of Pete Parenti after he is suddenly fired from his college football head coaching position. He visits his mother, who suffers from dementia, and keeps her company as her memories fade.

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