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Richard Kalinoski Past News & Updates (06/15 - 04/16)

Richard Awarded Grant for New Work - "Sweet Icing Of The Lovely"

Apr 13, 2016

Last week, it was announced that Richard Kalinoski was given an internal-based grant for his newest project, currently titled Sweet Icing of the Lovely. The proposed play will deal with a veteran football coach who has a mother with dementia and finds himself stranded and alone after being fired from his long standing position as head football coach a conspicuous small college football team.

Richard has begun the process of interviewing individuals who have some experience with assisted living and with coaching football. He looks forward to presenting new and exciting details along the way.

"Beast On The Moon" Performance in Brussels - April 26, 2016

Apr 2, 2016

Beast on the Moon will have a performance in Brussels on April 26, 2016, with the Estonian cast from the Talinn City Theater. This tour offers a new audience the opportunity to witness this story of immigration. This comes at a rare opportune time to open up a page on the plight of immigrants, as Brussels continues to work together through a trying time in their post-attack recovery.

The original tour announcement can be found here.

"The Boy Inside" Places Second in National Playwriting Competition.

Apr 2, 2016

The Boy Inside, produced last year as part of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Theatre Department season (February, 2015) has been awarded second place in the Kennedy Center's American College Theatre Festival Mark David Cohen Playwriting Competition--an annual event, national in scope. Eligible plays are culled from 8 Regions across the U.S. Each entry must be a new play and must be fully produced by the participating institution--college or university.

The Boy Inside examines the current crisis in American football through the challenges of an ambitious small college head football coach.

Updates on Richard's Recent Submissions

Feb 25, 2016

Richard has passed on an important and exciting update regarding his recent play submissions towards several conferences and festivals:

"In addition to The Boy Inside being named a semi-finalist Richard's play, My Genius of Humanity has made it to the second round of the “Process Series,” a play development program at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. My Genius of Humanity has also made it to the second round of the Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance' Saroyan Prize for plays about human rights.

Final outcomes for each of these opportunities to be announced in the coming months."

We look forward to hearing the next round of advancements for his latest work!

"Beast On The Moon" at Salve Regina University

Dec 16, 2015

There was a recent successful run of Beast on the Moon at Salve Regina University, and Richard was elated to be in attendance and to have the ability to speak more on his work afterwards. Pictures are available to view for this production on the gallery page!

The Boy Inside - Reading @ Raven Theatre, Chicago

Nov 12, 2015

The Boy Inside was recently read in an in-house reading at Raven Theatre in Chicago on the evening of November 1, 2015. The acting ensemble of the theatre performed in the reading and several others of the ensemble attended.

A lengthy discussion followed the reading, and several of the actors present praised The Boy Inside as "relevant, timely and examination of the overhanging dread of serious injury threatening the viability of football itself."

Richard felt that it was "a meaningful and refreshing evening. [There were] fresh faces and new voices rendering the play... an emotional night." He looks forward to having this piece performed in venues in the near future.

Response from Beast On The Moon in Japan

Nov 12, 2015

Richard recently received a translated response to the current production of Beast On The Moon in Tokyo, Japan. This response was placed last month:

"Richard Kalinoski’s work Beast on the Moon is the tale of a young Armenian laborer and his wife who survived the Armenian Genocide at the time of the First World War by immigrating to America. Beast on the Moon was first performed in America in 1995 and won the prestigious Moliere award in France. This four-man show based on a true story has been translated into 19 languages, including Turkish, and has been performed in more than 20 countries.

This time around, Mr. Kuriyama Tamiya of the Haiyuza theatre is producing Beast on the Moon as the first play of its kind in Japan. I have been intruding on Mr. Kuriyama’s rehearsals since his production of Message to Adolf. Having heard that this play has been growing in popularity for the past twenty years, Mr. Kuriyama himself humbly asks that we have high expectations for this production.

I saw the first act in full rehearsal; the leading couple entered the stage, chests tight and tears flowing. However, young couple pushed through their difficulties with dedication. Even though the story is sad, I found parts of it charming and comical, tears rolled down my face as I laughed. By watching just one rehearsal, I was able to taste the real thrill of ‘straight play’ appreciation. They still have two weeks left until opening night, please hurry and reserve tickets!"

Richard was elated to receive this update, and is equally curious and excited to hear the outcome from the entire run!

"Beast On The Moon" In St.-Laurent, Montreal

Oct 22, 2015

Richard is happy to share the following review regarding the latest production of Beast On The Moon in Saint-Laurent, Montreal:

"Victorious HAY PEM performance in Saint-Laurent October 17 will be engraved as an historical day for Tekeyan’s HAY PEM troupe. The test was a challenging one, because it was a first for an Armenian amateur troupe to perform in Saint-Laurent, as part of this latter’s cultural programming and have the performance in French. In front of the Mayor of Saint-Laurent, Mr Allan De Sousa, Jewish religious leaders, cultural representatives and an audience of almost all non-armenians, Hay Pem’s performance was acclaimed by a standing ovation of more than a minute. Once again, the troupe under the leadership of Nancy Issa Torosian delivered more than what it has been expected.

’’Une bête sur la lune’’ created intense moments and brought some tears among the audience and at numerous occasions brought them moments of joy and laughter. The cast of experienced performers such as Viken Froundjian, Arden Arapian (main role of Aram) and Hasmik Gasparyan (voice), were supported by Meghedi Aghourian considered a new revelation because of her past minor roles of the past, playing the main role of Seta, a Genocide survived orphan. A new cast of children also took part in the play. They were Arax Armenian, Thomas Shahbaghyan (violin) and Agustin Apardian (one of the main roles of Vincent). They represent the future of Hay Pem and they did more than what was expected from them.

Nancy’s dream, as well as Tekeyan’s effort in presenting Kalinoski’s award winning play to an ODAR audience as part of the centennial events, had a great debut. The Armenians were almost absent, but the local non-armenian crowd more than compensated their absence. The objective to reach others and give them the story of our nation was fully achieved. Once again, Hay Pem met the expectations.

We strongly recommend to be present at the next weekend’s coming performances at le gesù (one of the most prestigious theatre venues). Saturday, 24th at 8 pm and Sunday, 25th at 7 pm. Tickets could be purchased at the door or by calling Tekeyan at (514) 747-6680 The after the show remarks as well as the comments; were numerous and loud."

"Beast on the Moon" Japanese Synopsis Excerpt

Sep 29, 2015

With the coming production of Beast on the Moon's Japanese debut, Richard was recently given a translated synopsis of his play. He wanted to take the time to share this with you, in both excitement and anticipation. Keep in mind, the following may be a little "lost in translation" (you'll see!):

"Masterpiece of Richard Karinosuki "month of the beast" (Beast on the Moon) has survived the Armenian Genocide in the First World War, it has been wrote as a drama based on the true story of the grandparents of ex-wife. Premiered in the United States in 1995 and is translated by since 19 countries have, in 2001 and has won the Moliere Award most prestigious in France.

Aram and Seta we have young become a husband and wife to exile in the United States. Lose the family, while to resist the suffering of persecution, and follow the figure going back the trust and affection along with the recollection of the old gentleman.

Rendition of Kuriyama Tamiya and four actors ask the modern "month of the beast." Please stay tuned."

"Beast On The Moon" A Hit @ Atlanta's Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School

Sep 25, 2015

Richard was elated to receive a note from Clark Taylor, the performing arts instructor at Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School, learning such news as how the "play sang, just sang to [them]. It continues to open, unfold and reveal to us what a beautiful, harrowing and deep story [Richard has] crafted."

New photos have been added to the gallery for this performance. Check them out when you can!

Latest Updates on Richard Kalinoski's Work

Sep 22, 2015

Since the summer, Richard has had several developments for his work, including new and upcoming productions. Here is a sneak peek at what's coming down the pipeline:

-Beast on the Moon is opening in Tokyo, Japan on October 4, 2015. Richard is excited to hear of the results for the Japanese premiere.

-The Boy Inside will be given a reading at Raven Theatre in a few weeks--date to follow. A distinguished ensemble cast from the Raven Theatre in Chicago shows promise to continue the positive tradition of working with Richard's pieces.

-Beast on the Moon has been chosen for inclusion at the Avignon Festival in Avignon, France in July of 2016. More details to follow on this.

-Beast on the Moon to be produced outside of Atlanta this month and in Dallas in the coming months. More to follow for these productions.

Additional details will be made available shortly, so stay tuned!

"Beast On The Moon" Now Published in Turkey

Jun 2, 2015

Richard is excited to announce that Beast on the Moon will officially be published in Turkey, translated into the Turkish language. This welcomed news is an indication that there are progressive changes occurring in this part of the world, as this news certainly wouldn't have been the case over ten years ago. The following press release was made available for your reading pleasure:

"Beast on the Moon is drawing near!

Richard Kalinoski’s play Beast on the Moon, which tells the story of two youths who were saved during the Armenian Genocide, has been published by BGST Publishing.

Richard Kalinoski, an American playwright and educator, started writing Beast on the Moon in 1991, and the play would go on to become a turning point in his career as a writer. Within a short period of time the play garnered attention around the world, and it was staged numerous times and won various awards. Beast on the Moon is about the adventures of two youths who managed to escape the widespread destruction wreaked by World War I and flee to America, which opened its arms to them, giving them the chance to start life anew. The play has a Saroyanesque warmth and intimacy, as well as a universality that transcends the particular dimensions of the topic it takes up through historical and geographical experiences. In the foreword to the Turkish translation of the play, the author mentions that as he was writing the play it seemed unimaginable to him that one day it would be published in Turkey. In fact, in those times many respected intellectuals and citizens living in Turkey probably never could have imagined that a Turkish translation of the play would ever be published. But many people in Turkey today have reached a point where they can grasp that Beast on the Moon is drawing ever so near, despite the fact that they were brought up in an educational system that is firmly nationalistic and forced since childhood to look out upon the world through the narrow perspective of official state history. And that’s why Kalinoski’s humanitarian message, which has reached us after all those years and from a great distance, will find a correspondence in these lands which bore witness to the events that constitute the basis of the play, tragic events that mustn’t ever transpire again.

While that message may not be able to heal that wound which, in spite of the century that has passed since the genocide, continues to bleed, it will lead us to respect the remembrance of all those orphans who suffered so much loss as they emerged from the violent destruction of war.

Beast on the Moon /Richard Kalinoski

Translator: Ayşan Sönmez

Copy editor: Zeynep Okan

Proofreader: Sibel Neslişah Hazar

Cover designer: Salih Gürkan Çakar

Dimensions: 12x18 cm.

Number of pages: 107

Bgst Publishing

Editor: Fırat Güllü

Layout: Esra Aşan


  • Osborn Award (American Theatre Critics)

  • Agnouni Award (Armenian Relief Society of North America)

  • Garland Award (Best Play from the Repertory, Backstage West)

  • Moliere Awards (Including Best Play, Moliere Academy)

  • Ace Awards (Including Best Play, Argentina)

The Moscow Art Theater included Beast on the Moon in its repertoire in 2004 and for the last ten years has been staging performances. The play, which has been part of Estonia’s Tallinn City Theatre’s repertoire since 2011, will be staged in Japan as well in October of 2015. To date, Beast on the Moon has been translated into nineteen languages."

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