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Beast on the Moon in Cyprus

Based on the new measures as announced on Friday 27 November, the Persona Theater Group announces that the dates as well as the start time of the performances are being revised. ** Please see details below.

The Persona Theater Group presents Richard Kalinoski's award-winning play "The Beast on the Moon" directed by Leas Maleni. The play, which is based on real events, deals with the life of a young couple from historic Armenia who immigrated to America after the Armenian Genocide in 1915. The premiere has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 5 at Wherehaus 612 in Nicosia.

The issue of immigrants, or rather refugees, of people who were forcibly involuntarily forced to leave behind their devastated homelands with no hope of returning, is not just a matter for the Armenians of 1915. The violent uprooting and unruly flight of civilians in the history of mankind, which nowadays with the bloody hostilities in the Middle East, has taken on global proportions. The story of Aram and Seta, timeless and repetitive, speaks directly to our hearts about the anguish of these people to continue the story of their ancestors, claiming to live in a foreign land. And if in life things do not come as one dreamed, as long as he seizes the opportunity given to him to save even another life, throwing a little balm on the incurable wound left behind by the loss of belonging.

The translation is signed by Dimitris Tarlou, the sets and costumes by Sose Eskijian, the music and soundtrack by Nektarios Rodosthenous and the lighting design by Karolina Spyrou. Assistant director Eleni Anastasiou and Assistant set designer Annie Vassiliou. Cast: Panagiota Papageorgiou, Thanassis Georgiou, Manolis Michailidis, Angelos Hatzimichael.

The performances are under the auspices of the Most Reverend Archbishop of Armenia in Cyprus Mr. Horen Togramatzian and are under the High Protection of the Representative of the Armenians in the House of Representatives, Mr. Vartkes Mahtesian.



Translation: Dimitris Tarlou

Directed by: Lea Maleni

Sets - Costumes: Sose Eskijian

Music / Sound landscape: Nektarios Rodosthenous

Lighting Design: Carolina Spyrou

Assistant Director: Eleni Anastasiou

Assistant Stage Designer: Annie Vassiliou


Manolis Michailidis

Thanasis Georgiou

Panagiota Papageorgiou

Angelos Hadjimichael


Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.


Every Saturday and Sunday until January 17, 2021

Limited number of seats and performances

Depending on the government's announcements regarding the revision of the measures on December 14, the start time of the performances will be different and will be announced.

AREA: Wherehaus 612 (Michail Kousoulidi 5, Pallouriotissa - Nicosia)

TICKET SALE: and all ACS Courier branches


ENTRY: 15 euros (normal), 12 euros (reduced)


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