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"Beast on the Moon" Entering 13th Year at Moscow Art Theatre

Beast on the Moon will be entering its 13th year in repertory at the Moscow Art Theatre, a play consistently in production on this stage. Richard is excited to see his most lauded work continue to shine on the other side of the world. Here is a rough translation of a review given for it from a Muscovite:

"And again about the show 'the lunar monster', about him, in principle, we can talk forever. In the first I watched it in May of 2013. A week ago I watched it again. Now that the emotions have little receded a bit, I'll tell you about it. In 1991 American Playwright Richard Kalinoski wrote a play. For the English-speaking visit And at the page on FB A Wonderful Director Alexander Grigoryan put this on at the chamber theater. Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov invited Alexandra Samsonovicha to this theatrical presentation. In 2004 was the premiere.

It's not really about the Armenian genocide of 1915. It's about how to live with it, as don't be afraid to let go of the past and be happy, having gone through this hell. I felt this play like all people, especially the fact that he raised and played without unnecessary hand-wringing, no direct exploitation of spectators and emotions. No one takes you by the throat and commands - mercy if you can, and cry, if you have a conscience. So convey the sorrow of those two people who survived in this carnage, and build a new life in new country... is that you can't just play, actors live it, and all of this passes through us, trying to explain to the audience. They didn't just say text, every word they recited consciously. Believe them unconditionally. You just can't figure out how the American playwright could write this play, and the Russian actors play? For me, I don't know it yet, either. But I do believe in what they've come all this way, actually, in real life, and now tell you about it. They have done a great job. Bravo!!!

And the phrase '... say what all armenians orphans?'. It hits you as huge a concrete slab, stuck in the chair... and emotions are on the rise, and already over the edge, and already without shying away from anything or anybody hall just sobbing, crying even men and boy, is sitting next to which the forces of 20 years... And in the 2005 artists of the main roles of Ioannina Kolesnichenko and Sergei Ugryumov won the award "Seagull" in the category " Double Punch " (the best duet)."

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