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"Front Room" Scenes to Receive Live Reading at UW's Eau Claire - March 15th, 2017

Scenes from Front Room will be read and presented to a group of students and faculty as part of the Honors Program at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire on March 15 , 2017. Richard and two of his students (from UW Oshkosh) have been invited by the director of the Honors Program at UW Eau Claire to enhance a special course in Empathy taught by Dr. Cheryl Lapp. The scenes chosen depict the tension between an adult daughter (and theatre professor) and her mother, a widow whose life has been reduced to the self-imposed misery she has fashioned by imprisoning herself with lifetime possessions both significant and meaningless.

Front Room with a cast of only four has been refined over the past 2+ years with several public readings. This will be the third time the play has been used in a classroom setting. Dr. Lapp has used the play before in more than one of her classes and students have responded to the evocation of simmering family resentments and longing.

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