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Production Reminder: "Beast on the Moon" at Italy's Centro Teatrale Bresciano Opening


This is a friendly reminder for Italian fans of Richard Kalinoski that the production for Beast on the Moon at the Centro Teatrale Bresciano will be opening its production run on November 21st. The run will be completed on December 11th, allowing for 3 full weeks to catch the original play translated in Italian. Some tickets are available online here, while others may need to be purchased in person.

The text from the website is roughly translated below:

Milwaukee, 1921. Aram fled the genocide of the Armenian people where his entire family was murdered. He desperately wants to reconstruct a life and a descendancy: he decides to marry an Armenian woman, Seta (Elisabetta Pozzi) by procuration. It will result in a difficult love story, clashing between conflicts and silences, tradition and desire for change, pain of the past and hopes for the future. Andrea Chiodi brings in a touching text [by Richard, which won] five Molière awards in France, with the masterful interpretation of one of the greatest actresses in the Italian theater.

Richard looks forward to the success of the cast and crew in Brescia!


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