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Richard To Be Guest at Italy's Teatro Due on Jan 16th

Richard will be joining the cast and crew of the Teatro Due's Beast on the Moon production on January 16th, where he will be meeting with the audience after the performance. Below is a rough translation of a write-up of the event:

"Richard Kalinoski, an internationally renowned theatrical author, will be guest at Teatro Due on January 16th 2018 at 5.30 pm for a meeting dedicated to Beast on the Moon, his text which will be staged from January 16th to 24th 2018 in Parma with a co-production between Fondazione Teatro Due and CTB - Centro Teatrale Bresciano. At the meeting will also be present the director Andrea Chiodi and the company of the actors that will be on stage: Elisabetta Pozzi, Fulvio Pepe, Alberto Mancioppi and Luigi Bignone.

Kalinoski, winner of five Molière awards in France and numerous other prestigious awards, writes for the theater and teaches at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. His most famous text is Beast on the Moon, translated into twenty languages ​​and internationally acclaimed as one of the most important texts on the Armenian genocide.

Set in the 1920s in America, BEAST ON THE MOON tells the story of an Armenian immigrant in America and his teenage wife, who he literally sent in by post. Seta and Aram Tomasian are the two opposite poles of a terrible common history, that of the extermination of the Armenian people. The pièce focuses on the relational difficulties between the two, on their difficulty in having children, and on the unusual relationship with a foundling (also narrator of the story) that opens up the possibilities of a new relationship between the two spouses and a new life.

Beast on the Moon, produced by Fondazione Teatro Due and CTB - Centro Teatrale Bresciano, is the first major co-production in Italian - the translation is by Beppe Chierici - of the text by Kalinoski, who will meet the audience for the occasion (admission is free) and will talk about his experience as a playwright and profound connoisseur of the Armenian community, which lives with the horror of an extermination of one hundred years ago but which is still vivid in the memory of the survivors and their descendants.

The audience is invited to the meeting, followed by the premiere of the show (8.30 pm).

For information and tickets for the show:, tel 0521/230242."

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