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"Beast On The Moon" A Resounding Success at Canada's Théâtre La Bordée

We are elated to share with you that the French Canadian production of Beast on the Moon at Quebec's Théâtre La Bordée was a resounding success. Since the production has recently ended, patrons were briefly interviewed their impressions of the show as a whole. The showrunners have concluded that the overall appreciation rate of the production was at about 97%, which is an astonishing number of content viewers.

Seta (Ariane Bellavance-Fafard) and Aram (Mustapha Aramis) Tomasian. Photo credit: Nicola-Frank Vachon. Courtesy of the Théâtre de la Bordée.

Richard is hoping to have some additional interviews and input from those involved - please visit again soon to learn more on upcoming productions and events!

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