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"Front Room" Received Second Live Reading in March Sponsored by Honors College at UW Eau C

Richard's new play, FRONT ROOM, was featured in a reading sponsored by the Honors College at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire on 28 March, 2018. Scenes from the play were presented for a group of professionals students, faculty and staff. Members of the staff of a social work unit of the City/County of Eau Claire attended because one of the elements of the play is a focus on the social and personal implications of the practice of "hoarding." The play generated an excited hour-long discussion of the dilemma of the main character, Sandra, in coping with the desperate hoarding of her mother, Abby. This marks the fourth time the scenes from the play have been presented to members of an Honors College at a university--twice at UW Eau Claire and twice at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

To learn more about the plot of FRONT ROOM, and how you can commission a production for your theatre/institution, please visit here.

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