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Quebec City Region Production Of "Beast On The Moon" Nominated For Four Awards

Richard is delighted to share the good news of award season for Quebec City - his play, Beast on the Moon, has received several nominations from the Prix Theatre in the following categories:

Le Prix Nicky-Roy - Ariane Bellavance-Fafard - This award highlights a particularly promising young talent. This award, established in 1981 in memory of a young actress died accidentally, is given to an actor or actress who has been practicing for less than three years.

Le Prix Paul-Bussières - Véronique Bertrand - This award is presented to one or a set designer whose theatrical environment sharply demarcated. This award was created in memory of one of the pioneers of scenography in Quebec.

Le Prix Bernard-Bonnier - Pascal Robitaille - This award was created in 1998 in memory of this talented composer, who died in 1994. It is awarded to a musician or a musician for a memorable soundscape.

Le Prix du Fonds du théâtre du Vieux-Québec - Julie Morel - This award is given to an artist whose costume design is considered remarkable. This award was created in 2006 by Denis gentlemen Denoncourt and Lorenzo Michaud, director of the Fund of the Théâtre du Vieux-Quebec, a fund managed by the Community Foundation of Greater Quebec.

Congratulations to all of those who are nominated, and may your phenomenal work be consistently recognized!

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