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"Beast On The Moon" in Greece - Press Release

(Beast on the Moon at the Theatre La Bordee in Quebec)

The Casus Belli Theatre Group have released a press release regarding the newest production of Beast on the Moon in Athens. Read below to find all you need to know regarding this upcoming show:

Casus Belli theater group presents Richard Kalinoski’s “Beast on the Moon”,

A play most contemporary than ever.

Athens, Greece, August 21st 2018.

After 2017’s theater adaptation of Frédéric Fonteyne’s french movie an “Affair of love”, Vangelis Papadakis is now directing an American play “The Beast on the Moon” by the award winning playwright Richard Kalinoski. Casus Belli’s new production will run from November 19 till January 29, 2019, in the Simeio Theater, in Athens.

In such an unstable political environment where “refugees” are a major political issue for Greece and for the rest of Europe there is no better way of dealing with this theme than putting on stage “Beast on the Moon”.

Nowadays, thousands of refugees from the Eastern countries had to leave massively their homes, go to Istanbul and travel through the Mediterranean Sea to Greece, to Europe to find a better life. Instead hundreds of them found death. They were drowned. And those who survived death lost their families, lost their dignity, lost their identity. What can be their future? How are they going to create new lives in foreign places- they, “foreigners”?

How can we- citizens of the western world- show empathy for these less fortunate people? And that is what this play is all about: Vulnerable refugee people struggling to keep their hope alive while having lost everything, while trying to create a new life, in the 1920’s and 30’s in America, as a result of the Armenian genocide in 1915.

A century after the Armenian genocide, we are still witnessing identical “pictures” of human loss. Why?

“Aram, Seta and Vincent are symbols/victims of our human violence. They are the consciousness of us all, that reminds us of how frightening the nature of man can be and at the same time, how powerful we are to fight against this nature, against all the ‘beasts on the moon’ to save every remaining hope and defend life. And what really moves me in this amazingly written play is that it contains honest moments of humor/comedy and the ending is extremely hopeful while confronting human tragedy.”

Single tickets range from 8€-15€ and will be on sale online.

Specific ticket ordering information will be made available shortly. Best of luck to Casus Belli and the production staff as they prepare for this play!

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