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"Beast on the Moon," a "Must See"

"Beast on the Moon" receives positive reviews from Unity Theatre shows.

"Beast on the Moon", currently being presented at Unity Theatre, in Brenham, is a MUST SEE show! Playwright Richard Kalinoski has written a play that hits every note on the emotional xylophone: a profoundly human work that, though written in 1995, couldn't be more relevant (I'm talking 'of the moment' timely). There's a great deal of humor sprinkled throughout the play...but it's core is deeply human and moving. The play kind of sneaks up on you: as we get to know the characters and their stories in the first act, we're unaware of the emotional time bombs that are being planted just waiting to be detonated in the second. Director Ryan Schabach has done an absolutely SUPERB job of directing this dense yet delicate piece, leading each actor to performances that are absolutely honest and true. The cast is flawless! Justin O'Brien, who I've worked with and seen, many times, has never been better. He takes a character that would be very easy for the audience to dislike, initially, (he's harboring a lot of pain) and let's us see the human inside...and best of all we really get to watch the character grow, as a human being, and Justin navigates that arc exquisitely! Ally Oliphant, as his 'picture bride', couldn't be more ideal: she absolutely reads like a frightened young girl, at the beginning, and watching her transformation into a strong young woman unafraid to use her own voice, is wonderful (she had one very fleeting moment, in particular, that just landed right inside my heart). Finally, another old colleague and friend, Jim Salners, as the gentleman who narrates the story, is brilliant! He plays the narrator character as a boy, later in the play, and it's in that role that Jim just knocks it out of the park! He's totally believable as a young orphan boy...and he has a scene that just rocked me: disturbing, devastating, and stunningly realized. BRAVI to ALL THREE!!

Okay, folks, this show has a short run, it closes November 10th. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!! DO NOT MISS THIS BEAUTIFUL PLAY!

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