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"Beast on the Moon" Published in Japan

Richard Kalinoski's play, Beast on the Moon will be published in Japan by Hayakawa Publishing in Tokyo on that very conspicuous day, December 7 (2019). The play has been translated by award winning translator Chizuru Urabe, who has translated plays by William Saroyan and David Hare (English). The agreement to publish includes an expectation at a group of producers in Japan will launch a major production of the play in 2020.

Beast on the Moon has been translated into 19 languages to date but this marks the first official published version in Japan. The publication is Higeki Kigeki, magazine/journal devoted to theatre in Japan.

Language : Japanese

Translator : Chizuru Urabe

Format : Magazine "Higeki Kigeki", 21 cm x 15 cm

Retail Price : JPY1,500 -

Publication : December 7th, 2019

Print Run : 2,100 copies

Fee : US$200.00

Period of Sales : 8 weeks

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