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Recent "Beast On The Moon" Production Announcement on the Théâtre de la Bordée Website

The Théâtre de la Bordée in Quebec, Canada, has recently put the notice of their future production of Beast on the Moon on their website. You may now have the opportunity to purchase tickets a year in advance of the shows. Please check out the rough translation below of their summary and credits.

Milwaukee, 1921. Aram Tomasian fled the Armenian genocide where all his family members were murdered. He is bringing a young refugee, Seta, to marry her. Orphaned, he must continue his family lineage in America. But life sometimes takes another path ...

Played all over the world, winner of five Molières when it was founded in France, this play tells us about exile and all these refugees caught between the pains of the past and the future to be built.

"Here I am in Milwaukee, I am going to live in America. It was not in the plan. "


TEXT: Richard Kalinoski TRANSLATION: Daniel Loayza ADAPTATION: Amélie Bergeron DIRECTED BY: Amélie Bergeron ASSISTANCE FOR STAGING: Laurence Croteau Langevin DECOR: Véronique Bertrand COSTUMES: Julie Morel LIGHTING: Keven Dubois MUSIC: Pascal Robitaille

PERFORMERS: Mustapha Aramis

Ariane Bellavance-Fafard

Jack Robitaille

Rosalie Daoust

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