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Meet the Cast for "Beast on the Moon" Movie - Japan

Mashima Hidekazu

Alam Tomassian

Born on November 13, 1976, from Yamagata Prefecture. He started his career as an actor in his film debut "Blue Chong", directed by Lee So-Jik Il. Received a reputation for the NHK special drama "Kaikyo" and WOWOW "Why did you fight despair?" Widely used in movies, TV dramas, commercials, etc. In recent years, she has appeared in films such as "Kougyokuroku" (directed by Kei Ishikawa), "Wind to the Heart" (directed by Yoon Sokho), "Sora no Restaurant" (directed by Eihiro Fukagawa), and "Red Snow" (directed by Sayaka Kai) ), "Movie version uncles love-LOVE or DEAD-", (directed by Ruto Higashiichiro) drama "Plage", "Double Fantasy" (WOWOW) and so on. In 2020, the NHK taiga drama “Kirin ga Kuru” will be ready. The stage is "The Lady of the Sea" (Director: Keiko Miyata), "Mr. Kamazuka, stomach" (Director: Hiroshi Kuramochi) "The Air ver.2 No one should write" (Director: Ai Nagai) , "Chaimelica" (Director: Kunya Kuriyama), etc.

Yukino Kishii

Seta Tomasian

Born February 11, 1992. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. In 2009, she made her actress debut in the drama "Saraiko" (TBS). In 2016, in the NHK taiga drama "Sanada Maru", he played the hero, Nobuge Sanada's concubine and Taka, and attracted attention. In 2017, the movie "Grandpa died. (Directed by Yudai Mori Gaki), and won the 39th Yokohama Film Festival Best Newcomer Award. Similarly, the role of Sagiri in the 2017 stage “The Seven Skull Castles: Season Style” (directed by Hidenori Inoue) was also well received. In the 2018 NHK serial TV novel "Manpaku", he played the main character Fukuko's niece Taka. His recent works include the drama "Early Monte Cristo" (Fuji Television), the movie "Love is Nana" (directed by Rikiya Imaizumi), and the stage shows "Looking Ahead Lucy" (Director: Seiji Nozoe) and "Crucible" ( Director: Jonathan Manby).

Shokichi Kubo

Old Gentleman

Born October 4, 1955. Born in Chiba Prefecture. From the Waseda University Theater Study Group to the Waseda New Theater, the DA / M behind it, and the theater group MODE, appeared in various production performances. His recent works include the movie "WE ARE LITTLE ZOMBIES" (directed by Makoto Nagahisa) and "Ozland's magical smile. (Director Takafumi Hatano), "Prosecutor's Sinner" (Director Masato Harada), drama "I and Shippo and Kagurazaka" (TV Asahi), stage "Glittering Constellation" (Director: Kunya Kuriyama), "I like it (Director: Hirotaka Kumabayashi).

Yuki Masumi


Born October 23, 2006. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Started performing at 3 years old. Appeared in numerous commercials, movies and drama works. In the film, "WOOD JOB!" ~ Nana Kashiro Everyday ~~ (directed by Fumiyasu Yaguchi), movie "Oyapurudon" (directed by Seiji Fukushi), movie "Last Cup THE MOVIE" (directed by Ryuichi Inomata), movie "close EXPLODE" (Toshiaki Toyoda) Director), NHK continuous TV novel "Half, blue. ”, Tokai TV drama“ Home-Dark Site Incident, Daughter's Gift ”, drama“ HiGH & LOW ”(Nippon Television).

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