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Fourth Review for "Beast On The Moon" in Italy

Richard's Beast on the Moon production in Italy has received another review, this time from journalist Clizia Riva. It has been roughly translated from Italian to English below:

Milwaukee. In a red-floored lounge, the Tomasian gentlemen come in: Aram (Fulvio Pepe) and his "girlfriend" and now official consort, Seta ( Elisabetta Pozzi).

They are two survivors of the Armenian genocide, two individuals with the same incommunicable injuries.

He, faithful to the logic of pre-established plans, has chosen at a distance an orphan (like him), to carry on the American life that has already studied in detail. She simply knows she is still alive.

In a text with a delicate irony, a show unfolds that smacks of everyday life. A daily life with strong, excruciating dramas, imbued with a past that constantly knocks on the door: a past to be faced, made to speak, to bring out.

A Beast on the Moon is also a story made up of objects: the camera masterfully used by Aram, with which to artificially immortalize every episode of a life that he wants perfect and perfect that will not be. A machine that serves to crystallize life ... the same life that has been denied and that is to be revived. A Beast on the Moon is a familiar picture, with the heads removed: a nucleus to which to give new faces, without changing anything else.

A Beast on the Moon is the doll, the coat, the currency of fathers and mothers who are no longer there: it is the attachment to what reminds a happiness drowned in blood, denied by hangings, violence and a war that is holy only in the lexicon.

A Beast on the Moon is silence , between two random spouses: Aram is immersed in his design machine of perpetuating the species and maintaining a patriarchal authority now eclipsed, while Silk is its unexpected, the obstacle that makes the automatic jamming of a life already decided.

"That orange scent is me" : Silk is the variant you do not expect. A variant to be accepted through the slowness of the flow of time, in the consolidation of a new life with unexpected entries. Silk is a girl with mature duties, who can thank her knees, but who is not satisfied with a gray and apparent serenity.

Accompanied by the clean narration of Alberto Mancioppi, Elisabetta Pozzi and Fulvio Pepe lead a show with a perfect rhythm that punctuates intense and normal days at the same time: days full of anger, irony, muteness and laughter. Days of photographs taken and broken hopes, in which will enter the lively Vincenzo, played effectively by Luigi Bignone.

The public smiles and cries with the excellent interpreters, taking charge of those memories that, from now on, can be shared, alive again and, therefore, addressable.

To get out of the den of denial, Aram and Silk will open to what will come. Unexpectedly, happily and finally new.

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