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Final Thoughts on Quebec's "Beast On The Moon" by Lead Actor Mustapha Aramis

On its final day of production of Beast on the Moon at the Theatre La Bordee in Quebec City, lead actor Mustapha Aramis (who played the role of Aram) offered these sentimental words to the cast and crew on Facebook.

Here we are. The last of Beast on the Moon today at 16 [4 pm]. What an incredible adventure. An exceptional text deployed by an army of exceptional people. I salute all my comrades, all the designers, our director and the direction of the theatre.

I would like to highlight here all the beautiful work of the theatre, which has made this spectacle an event that is so inclusive. Whether by going to collect testimonies and works of real immigrants, or inviting others who attend the Centre R.I.R.E. 2000, I was shocked to see, really see the scope of this text.

It may be silly to say, but thanks also for allowing an immigrant to embody this role... an immigrant. It's a beautiful opportunity. But it touches me particularly. I dare to believe, selfishly perhaps, that it would mean something to someone, even just one person, to have had a Mustapha born in Algiers on this stage in that role.

Thank you.

Thank you, Mustapha, for your kind words, and the best for your future!

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